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Confronting the Classics

Mary Beard’s manifesto is simple: the study of the ancient Greeks and Romans is still a ‘work in progress’; the Classics have a future, full of fascinating questions and problems to be argued about, investigated and confronted with verve and wit.

In Confronting the Classics, one of our leading academics takes us on an eye-opening tour through classical history, via the ancient world’s most memorable heroes and anti-heroes, to confront the most compelling debates in modern scholarship. Why did the Romans free so many slaves? How far was Roman Britain (or Astérix’s indomitable Gaulish village, for that matter) ever ‘Romanised’? How did the ordinary people of the ancient world live? And what does any of this say about us?

ISBN: 9781781250495, sider: 310, Mary Beard, Profile Books , 2014, H:20 cm, W:13 cm, 270 g


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