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The Secret Code

The Secret Code : The Mysterious Formula That Rules Art, Nature, and Science
The Golden Section, also known as the Divine Proportion or Phi, can be observed in plant seeds patterns as well as in the pyramids, in Gothic cathedrals and in the human body, to mention just a few phenomena from an infinite series. This book presents not only the multifaceted forms of the Golden Section in nature, art, architecture, music and science, but also variations, such as the Golden Spirals in the human inner ear. With more than 300 illustrations and graphs it explores the exciting issue of the laws of the universe and the concealed “divine plan” that is revealed within it.

ISBN: 9783836507110, sider: 203, Priya Hemenway, Evergreen, 2008, H:20 cm, W:22 cm, 900 g